Four Garage Door Selection Tips

Selecting a new door for your garage is an important task. Many Americans leave and enter their homes more often through their garage doors than through the front door if they commute to and from work. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to get a new garage door, but when the time comes, it’s important to understand the options you have at your disposal.

The garage door will play a key role in your home’s curb appeal, and this will only be the start. How can you ensure that you pick the right overhead door for your home?

Know Your Options

When it’s time to replace their existing garage doors, many people make the mistake of going with the option that’s as similar as possible to the one they’re replacing. While this approach can serve you well enough, you might be making a choice without realizing that something better is available out there. There are many different style options on the market today. Different brands offer different products, and some products may offer more bang for your buck.

Choose Materials Wisely

It’s easy to go with a material that offers great aesthetics or the one that costs the least. However, there are other features of any material that you shouldn’t ignore. Wood doors, for instance, combine beauty and strength and can be customized to match most homes. However, this is a material that requires regular maintenance and also costs more than many other materials. A steel door is strong and durable, but the fact that it can be dented can be a problem.

Insulation Will Save Energy

If your garage door is attached to the main house, don’t overlook the need for the door to be properly insulated. When the garage door is attached to your house, some heat will escape into the garage every time the connecting door is open. If the garage can properly contain this heat, you can ensure that your house doesn’t lose too much heat.


A lot of people prioritize curb appeal above most things. Therefore, you should know how your garage door will look before you buy and install it. Some manufacturers and sellers have digital tools that allow you to see how certain doors will look on your house. Taking advantage of such tools can help you to analyze how well the new door will match your home.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when choosing a new garage door. Before you pick one, be sure to consider all of the above factors. If you need help making a selection, consult a garage door expert near you.

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